The IBSU Commitment to the sustainability agreement and the manufacturing companies should balance the future demands of our customers' natural resources and the functional and economic needs of our customers. Therefore, we are committed to providing innovative packaging and coating solutions, taking into account both our own environmental responsibilities and our customers..

We continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance by continuously collaborating with all our stakeholders (customers, industry partners and suppliers):

• Minimize the environmental impact of our production processes;

• Identify opportunities to use more efficient raw materials in our products, including recycled materials that enhance the functionality of these materials;

• Provide innovative solutions to meet our customers' performance requirements and help them meet or exceed their sustainability goals;

• Introducing new processes designed to eliminate waste in our production process from the implementation of our customers to the end use of the consumer;

• Promote recycling after use;

• Support local initiatives in our international coatings and packaging facilities;

• Provide training opportunities for IBSU employees to improve our sustainability efforts; and

• We regularly monitor our performance to improve our environmental footprint.

• IBSU undertakes to comply with all applicable local, national and international standards governing our operations, including our environmental performance, wherever we do business.

• As global citizens, we are responsible for providing value-oriented solutions to our customers while protecting the resources of our world. Through our ongoing cooperation with our stakeholders - our customers, industry partners and suppliers - we strive to improve our sustainability performance through:

• Use of more sustainable raw materials, such as customer post resin content or customer-friendly films containing environmentally-friendly resins, such as unique film structures (eg GreenPE) or transport bags made of sustainable Forestry Initiative-Certified documents.

• Reduce product deterioration through special film structures, special coatings or unique holes on fresh food packaging to extend shelf life.

New processes and tools to eliminate waste from the entire value stream.

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