As IBSU, we strive to provide the best service in all areas we undertake. We comply with the quality standards by using the most natural and state-of-the-art technology.


• We are carrying out technologies and processes that are less harmful to the environment, use natural resources in the most efficient way, eliminate wastes produced by appropriate disposal methods and minimize environmental impacts.

• To set environmental goals and targets and to review these objectives through continuous improvement.

• Adopt an Environmental Management System to comply with all legal obligations and regulations related to the environment and to meet customer requirements and to continuously improve environmental performance.

• Promote recycling and re-evaluation activities.

• To educate our employees with environmental awareness and to ensure the continuity of this consciousness through education.

• Improving environmental awareness of all suppliers and customers.

• Ensuring the environmental policy of the IBSU known to the general public.

• Our principle is the continuous development and implementation of the Environmental Management System.


• Ensure that all employees have a work environment that is applicable to the Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations.

• To prevent work-related diseases, injuries, health deterioration.

• To ensure that you have a healthy and safe working environment for all interested parties.

• Risks (cause, danger) occur in all activities and new processes planned to minimize work-related accidents.

• To raise awareness of our employees by knowing the health and safety regulations and to ensure the continuity of this awareness through education.

• Our policy is the continuous development and implementation of the Health and Safety Management System.


• To understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and to meet the needs and expectations of the customers in a timely manner.

• Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.

• To work teamwork with all employees, to improve training programs and working conditions, to improve the quality of staff, to implement the idea of continuous improvement.

• Our principle develops and improves the process performance of quality effectively.

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